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Sino Agueze

Apostle JarsinoChe  (Sino) Agueze is a pastor, speaker, and author who’s impacted thousands of lives through his ministry, prayer, and dedication to service. The foundation for his pastoral passion is rooted in his love of teaching others how to grow their relationship with God through prayer.

Today, JarsinoChe (Sino) Agueze is the founder and lead pastor of the 633 Movement - a ministry calling the nations to seek God first - it is making all about us, all about Him, and all about winning the lost to Christ. He is also the Founding Director of Transformation of Nations (TON), an organization specializing in training Government Leaders, Students and Churches in evangelism and in societal transformation. This vision has taken him to 40 nations and counting. He is the president of M633 Prayer CampMeeting - a ministry dedicated to leading people into experiencing the transformative presence of God.  

You are walking in the fragrance of Elevation.

Sino Agueze

Sino Agueze

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us — 1 John 5:14

About Sino


1 Billion Souls Mandate

The one billion souls mandate is a divine mandate to reach 1 billion souls for Christ. This divine assignment would be accomplished through multimedia endeavors, evangelistic campaigns, discipleship materials and through its discipleship and training arm, TON. TON stands for “transformation of nations.” Through its training arm, tens of thousands of Christian Leaders in over 40 nations have been and are been discipled on how to transform their nations for the Lord Jesus Christ. Ton trains three specific groups, namely: church leadership, student bodies and the political and business class on bringing that kingdom element into every fabric of society. The 1 billion soul mandate is geared more so to the un-reached nations of the earth.



Apostle Sino, through the following platforms and programs conduct a wide range of kingdom activities for God’s people. Some of these include his annual Prayer Camp Meetings, weekly bible studies, quarterly Healing Academy Semesters, daily Miracle Hour services and the observance of prayer watches.


Sino loves and enjoys hanging out with his son and being very present in his life. Sino strongly feels like he would not be complete without his family. He is actually goofy and cracks a lot of jokes.


Yes, Apostle Sino enjoys cooking especially for his family and for their guests whenever he is able to do so. He actually has a cooking show called, “Cooking with Pastor Sino.” He enjoys cooking different kinds of cuisines from different parts of the world.



Apostle Sino Agueze has authored several books — Building Capacity; The Salt-Factor 2; The Prayer Collective; The Greatest Investment; Speckled & Spotted; Tongues of Fire; FirstFruits; and Why many are not Healed; including several E-books and devotionals. Feel free to order these books on his websites.



Apostle Sino loves worship — worshipping the Lord Jesus through songs. He enjoys flowing in a very strong prophetic gift through the oil of a Psalmist. He has observed that when fasting, long sessions of prayer, worship and the word come together in a man or woman’s life, these elements produce an unusual move of God’s Spirit in any service or meeting. For Apostle Sino, however, these elements are mandatory for his specific calling.



Apostle Sino, under the umbrella of his finance conferences, tagged “Kingdom Money,” he travels around the country training and teaching God’s people how to win in this extremely important part of living. He, wholeheartedly believes, that every christian should own business, including appreciating assets and index insurance as a way to build wealth and fund the kingdom, while amply providing for one’s family. He believes that paying bills should be an afterthought so that one can concentrate all his or her powers on advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth.

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